Only had one or two questions ‘s the rapture practise a beneficial deceit in the down forces to abduct members of size?

Only had one or two questions ‘s the rapture practise a beneficial deceit in the down forces to abduct members of size?

These Dropped Angels after they propogated right after which died, proceeded so you’re able to “influence” those individuals they propogated and you will regardless of if any one area alien classification see exactly who the progenitors had been was a case by the case foundation

Very all things considered, I’ve simply additional the approaches to concern stop 5 and you can you will see a whole lot more ahead thereon block then casualdates take off 6.

2nd real question is the newest repetitive count code phenomena another deceit or distraction or even are you willing to reveal the subject

I really don’t mean to get pestering your with every inform We generate however, Really don’t want to overlook your questions often and you can I’m still improving upon my responses, although it grows more plus information as there are countless background inquiries one interplay

This may check positively in love, nevertheless the entire society – what we all the think about the norms is actually a mixture of mammalian intuition and their desire for success, Luciferian type “fell angel” space aliens, now generally within the discarnate (spirit) mode along with their individual and person equivalent descendants, on account of the way they propagate its seed products with mortal individuals with the World and exactly how this type of exact same descendants are affecting humans (and you can groups within the army/government) in the world and work out solutions with too much to perform toward “shade governing bodies” that are in addition to at the rear of of several situations that usually is later called conspiracies who are along with mainly behind the latest UFO phenomena once the 1940’s and 1950’s to date. A few of the accidents from what you should the next level manage be ancient spacecrafts that the Next Height accustomed manage to get thier crew in the earth ecosystem within the an undercover means for the fresh new Several Witnesses (Ti and you can Do) contributed enterprise off presenting a 3rd trimester conquering out of humanness program to evaluate those they were offered to possess sign-up their teams due to the fact people in the fresh evolutionary Top Significantly more than People, the existing name being “Kingdom out-of Goodness” (More than Individuals (existing Of them) on the literal air). These all compensate the brand new “Lower pushes”, a phrase Ti and you will Manage utilized while they was basically each one of the fresh evolutiouary level Below Their highest evolutionary top. That “lower pushes” is known as the “beasts” that can keeps the heirarchy with the of them called the Dragon speaing frankly about the actual “dropped angels”. Nonetheless all the see just what Ti and you will Perform known as Empire away from God/Heaven – Evolutionary Height over Individual since simply an organisation out to manage human beings, so that they are humanitarian to help you deal particular away from belief for the Ti and Would because they need a lot of the brand new membership to exchange individuals who die. Of course this step when trying in order to inexpensive those people individuals just who was served by the next level to have growth in certainly its trimesters into the “spirit/soul beginning” might have been taking place from the beginning of your try out those individuals titled Adam and eve who have been maybe not the original people on earth and you can just weren’t necessarily the original instance check out into Environment. The fresh new attraction out-of Adam-and-eve is one such decide to try.

Thus in such a way you’re proper. Rapture is an additional of the ways humans will likely be “caught” from the Luciferian down pushes when it is proper application should would which have humans considering the opportunity to join which have an incarnate Elderly Representative regarding the 2nd Level who for the at least the newest second and you will 3rd trimesters need certainly to “ilies so you’re able to actually end up being having and you can means a genuine personal relationship with this Older Affiliate who can need her or him from classes they need with the stage he is at in this around three trimester birthing program. This is the Second Height “finding aside” (rapture) a human from their or even typical mammalian lives, illustrated of the Jesus saying to their disciples he was supposed to make them “fishers of males(humans)”. Its person parents don’t want to let go of those people human beings any more than a mother or father bear would like to cure the lady more youthful (that is up until they’re able to fend on their own immediately after which it have to fend from inside the highest area themselves). Many inside the human family members embrace on their kids even with it have demostrated to have develop.

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